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from “Gekko Shojo”by Kira Imai
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I took some pills to sleep I took them the other day nd I got rlly loopy idk if I’ll be awake long enough but I wanna take it before school tomorrow cuz I’m already having a anxiety attack but I m scared of falling asleep in class I have straight A’s right nownow


The Spanish police arrested a woman who came to International Airport in Madrid with 1.7 kilos of cocaine hidden in her breast implants.
Drug agents suspected when the woman, from Venezuela, showed strange behavior during a routine check passengers arriving from Bogota, reported The Associated Press.
Authorities found nothing after a baggage screening. But during palpation, some agents detected irregularities and deformations in both breasts of the suspect. The passenger got nervous and confessed to carrying implants with cocaine.
The woman was transferred to a hospital, where she was arrested accused of offenses against public health, the statement said.

if u cant trust him with the tit u cant trust him with the clit.



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need more friends who will

  • hang out in lingerie and drink wine w me
  • go on midnight walks w me
  • make art w me/ inspire me/ let me photograph them
  • dance w me